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Fire Rated System icon represents approvals and listings with accredited laboratories. Waterproof System icon represents availablility of a 5-year watertight warranty through our Certified Contractor Network. Color Match Options icon represents a choice between standard, custom or project specific color matching. Narrow Sightline icon represents expansion joints that provide a narrow and aesthetically pleasing sightline.

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  • Binary sealing system conforms to irregular openings and is watertight, dust-proof, airtight and soundproof.
  • Preformed silicone strip bonded to a rectangular polyurethane backer support system.
  • 3-sided bonding of seal with a primerless one-part silicone sealant providing a near zero tensile stress at bond line.
  • 1/2" thick silicone strip virtually eliminates possibility of punctures.
  • Non flammable and resistant to UV, ozone, wind driven rain and extreme temperatures.
  • Easy to install, no fasteners or anchors.
  • Available with five-year warranty through Certified Contractor Network.