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OSHA Regulations 29 CGR S 1910, 1200 exempts “Articles” from the requirements of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Labeling. Most MM Systems products meet the definition of “Article” under normal installation procedures and use, and therefore are exempt from MSDS requirements. Provided below is a list of products exempt from MSDS requirements as well as those for which MSDS are required.


All products not listed below as requiring an MSDS are considered “Articles” and are exempt from MSDS requirements. Therefore, no MSDS would be necessary or available.

Note: If any burning, welding or grinding is to take place on any products considered an “Article”, contact MM Systems at 800-241-3460 (for international please call 706-824-7500).


• AID, GID & SID Series
• ASB & ASM Series
• EBS Series
• EIF Series
• EIS Series
• EMS & EMC Series
• ERS Series
• ESS Series
• HSC Series
• LMS & LSS Series
• LOKCRETE Elastomeric Concrete
• MM High Strength Epoxy
• PPT Series
• SHD & SHS Series
• SIF Series
• SMS Series
• Splice Kit
• SSP, STS, SSS & SNB Series
• PYRO-FLEX Fire Barriers
• Touch-up Paint for Kynar/Hylar Finishes

MSDS are provided with every shipment of the products listed above.
Additional copies of MSDS are available here.

Questions may be addressed to, or by calling 800-241-3460.


[view all MSDS files]