MM Projects

OHare Parking Garage
Renovation Featured In Applicator Magazine

2011 O'Hare Cover PhotoS.jpgFind out what industry professionals found when they looked for the best solution to a ten year old problem...  read more

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Nashville 2013
Nashville's Music City Center wins Best Sports/Entertainment Award for 2013
Dec. 12, 2013

The entire Nashville Music City Center project shows off the design possibilities of steel construction, while putting a spotlight on the engineering of “special profile” steel joists for dramatic aesthetic impact and cost savings. more

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Chile Hospitals
MM Seismic Joints Protect New Hospitals in Chile From 8.4 Magnitude Earthquake


When project teams for Hospitals Maipú and La Florida near Santiago, Chile needed state-of-the art seismic joint solutions, MM was the obvious choice. Hospital Maipú incorporated Seismic Egress Portals, Seismic Recessed Wall and Seismic Roof Systems, while La Florida was outfitted with Seismic Moat Joints, all engineered to meet each project’s specific conditions & movement criteria. (read more)

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