MM Systems 2019 Contractor Certification College

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Join fellow contractors and consultants from around the world in Atlanta (sessions listed below) to participate in a comprehensive classroom and hands-on training program, related to expansion joints for buildings, stadiums, plaza decks & parking structures. The training program will be conducted at the MM Systems Training Facility, Northeast of Atlanta, GA. Each session is limited to 25 participants to ensure personal one on one interaction.


  • Movement Capabilities - Thermal / Seismic / Shear
  • Temperature Adjustment / Shrinkage and Creep
  • Understanding Service Conditions
  • Understanding Waterproofing Requirements
  • Types of Expansion Joint Systems
  • Fire Barrier / Life Safety Systems
  • Certification


May 2019 Session
May 20th - Monday Evening, Opening Reception (7pm)
May 21st - Tuesday, Training, Hands-On, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
May 22nd - Wednesday, Training, Hands-On, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (depart after session, after dinner, or next day*)

All training dates include breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

*NOTE: Final session will end at 4:30pm on May 22nd. Ground transportation to the airport will vary during peak travel times. Please plan for an 8:00 PM or later departure on Wednesday or anytime on Thursday. Please arrange your room reservations and ground transportation accordingly to meet your desired arrival and departure times.

May 20th - 22nd, 2019 REGISTRATION

May 2019 Registration Now Closed


The Sealant Waterproofing Restoration Institute is comprised of elite specialty contractors from across the United States and Canada. The SWR Institute Training Validation Program underscores its member’s commitment to supplying not only high quality construction products but also the technical expertise to install those products. Certified Installers provide the property owner with a comprehensive quality assurance process that helps guarantee better structures and buildings.

MM Systems is proud to have met the high standards set by the Institute and invite you to join us at our next Contractor Certification College. Read more about the program on the following pages.


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